An Expert Guide To Choosing Blinds For Your Home

As a homeowner, you want to find the perfect blinds for your property, and modern home design means that you can have a wide variety to choose from. In order to find the best type of modern blinds for your Mackay home, you should talk to the experts at Deluxe Shutters and Blinds about the best way to choose the perfect set of blinds for your needs.

Choosing the right position

Why do you want your blinds to go? If you have relatively small rooms with a minimum of wall space, then you may wish to consider having the blinds fitted inside your window recess. This can also be the best option if you are adding curtains. For a larger room, with lots of allowance for a blind, you may need one that is positioned outside the window, and will work to cut out more light.

Measuring for your blinds

Once you have decided where your blinds are going to be positioned, you should then measure accordingly. Inside the recess should be measured for smaller rooms, and an extra four centimetres should be measured for larger rooms where the blinds will be outside of the recess space.

Looking for styling options

Your chief styling choices will depend upon affordability, and whether you want an informal or formal look to the room. For example, roller blinds with contrasting fabrics may be a great option for living rooms and bedrooms. For a more formal look, you should speak to Deluxe Shutters and Blinds about pleated blinds, such as Roman blinds.

Choosing waterproof blinds

For some areas of your home such as kitchens and bathrooms that have a much higher level of moisture, you may wish to choose blinds which are made from metal or plastic. Venetian blinds can be a great alternative to standard blinds for these areas, and you may also consider them for your home office if you require the ability to filter light during the day.

Call now for advice on blinds

If you want to make sure that you get the absolute best blinds available in Mackay, then you need to speak to Deluxe Shutters and Blinds today. Our teams can offer you advice about the right sort of style for your home, from Roman blinds to vertical blinds. You can reach out to us today through our enquiry form or call 07-4951-1559 now.

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