Of all the different types of window treatment, roller blinds are still one of the most popular. More complicated and expensive types of blind are available, but the roller design continues to deliver for many Australian families.

Using basically the same technology invented by classical Mediterranean cultures, rollers protect against the sun and look stylishly simple.

There have been a number of developments since these early times, however, which make these coverings an even better idea. As suppliers and installers of roller blinds in Mackay people come for, we know why they make this choice.

Broad Coverage 

Here in sunny Mackay, both homes and businesses tend to have rather big windows. In fact, in some modern buildings, there is more glass than anything else. These large expanses of glass are perfect for lighting up interiors, as well as giving great views all round. Big windows just feel right in a place where it’s almost always sunny.

Of course, big windows have their disadvantages. The sunshine which looks and feels great also has very damaging side effects. This is true indoors as well as outdoors, as experience has shows.

UV radiation damages skin, bleaches colour from carpets, and eventually damages furniture. That’s why blinds are so popular in Australian and Queensland properties.

Roller blinds cover a lot of space. In one simple motion, pulling down a roller protects an interior and the people in it from the sun completely. Simple roller technology means a blind can easily go from ceiling to floor, just like that.

Also, linked roller blinds combine to cover any width of window necessary. The latest technology lets you control a series of linked rollers at the touch of a button.

Easy To Control 

As experts in roller blinds Mackay homeowners and businesses trust, we know the issue of control is important. The fact is that roller blinds are extremely easy to control. There is the traditional chain, a child proof wand, or completely remote control to choose from. As you’d expect from rollers, these are simple and perfectly functional.

You can also control the amount of light roller blinds let in. Traditional styles block out the sun, including its UV radiation, completely. There are also sunscreen blinds available which give the best of both worlds. Once lowered, these block out the UV, but allow people inside to see out.

Motorised roller blinds are becoming increasingly popular. These remote controlled blinds are silent, but powerful enough to lower and raise blinds of any practical size. These are very popular with residents and workers who have mobility issues, or just can’t reach to work blinds manually.

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