Interior decoration involves finding the right look and style for a property, and in Australia homeowners can benefit from choosing attractive window blinds for the Mackay home. 

Practical and decorative, these window treatments can add glamour to your home if you choose the right variety for your style of property. 

When you come to Deluxe Blinds, we can help you transform the look of your home, and will custom build you window treatments that will perfectly fit your window space.

Roman blinds

for a style that can naturally soften the window, and reduce harsh corners, you should consider Roman blinds. They are commonly combined with curtains to maximise insulation during the winter, but they can be used singly to create depth. 

As these blinds are made from fabric, you can find a pattern that matches the style of your room, or that can be used to transform this in the space.

Venetian blinds

For a timeless and traditional style that will never go out of fashion, you should consider Venetian blinds. 

Using wood or plastic, these slats can be rotated, allowing you to have complete control of the volume of light coming to a room. You can also adjust the blinds to provide you with greater privacy, or to add a touch of colour during the night, when the blinds are closed. 

Roller blinds

For an affordable and sophisticated option, you should consider roller blinds. These blinds are made of fabric that is gathered around a tube, and is raised or lowered as required. 

These blinds can be very useful if your room is hit by sunlight during peak hours, and can also be made from fabric chosen to compliment the room.

Vertical blinds

Designed to fit spaces with high windows, or a long series of windows, the vertical blind is one of the most practical. 

As with Roman blinds, you can adjust the blinds to suit the amount of light needed in a room, and more modern designs mean that the blinds sit more neatly than in earlier models, so you get a long, elegant blind that can look very glamorous. 

Panel blinds

These panel blinds are stylish, and can transform any space. If you want elegant and stylish blinds for your Mackay property, then these are the perfect tools. Screen out sunlight and add an extra layer of privacy when you choose these blinds from Deluxe Blinds.

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