Beef up your window security with rolling shutters


When it comes to window coverings from our team at Deluxe Shutters & Blinds, rolling shutters offer an unparalleled level of protection that can't be beat. As a locally owned and operated business in Mackay, we know how high the temperatures can get. Rolling shutters are fantastic insulators—saving you money on your power bill. Choose from our wide range of steel or aluminium, manual or motorised, battery operated or 240v rolling shutters—we also supply cyclone-rated window shutters that are ideal for protecting your home and family from heavy winds and storms. Visit our Mackay showroom to see how we can help you select the right roller shutter design to suit your needs.
Internal Aluminium Shutters - Buy Plantation Shutters In Mackay

Aluminium Shutters

Applied as a window covering or as a fixed, sliding or bifold door, aluminium shutters are a practical addition to any property. Highly durable and versatile, our aluminium shutters can be added to your patio, deck, outdoor entertainment area, verandah and external windows. Manufactured in our own factory, you can trust our aluminium shutters will protect you and your family from prying eyes while withstanding Mackay's harsh weather conditions.

Keep your business safe from intruders with our aluminium shutters. Ask us today about installing custom-made shutters to your shop windows.